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01.02.2012: Added the ability to download map tiles via a proxy server
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 on: February 03, 2021, 12:27:07 PM 
Started by ueufdqnx7167 - Last post by ueufdqnx7167
France announced just a few hours ago that they are going to allow French individuals interested in playing online casino games to gamble for the next six months. France has always been against the online gambling enough to prohibit any online casino from accepting a registration from someone in France. Now they are going to allow the online gambling casinos to grant access for the rest of the year to determine if it should be allowed from then on.

According to the news up date regarding the prohibition in France, it seems that a lot of countries who are trying to regulate online gambling are going to be forced to change their minds. France is just the latest in a string of countries that are already working at changing their restrictions as they don't want to be given trade violations.

France is not the only place to get complaints from the European Union regarding the online gambling, and probably will not be the last. France has been preventing the online poker sites and other casinos from allowing access, as we mentioned above.

The agreement is that France must for six months allow the online gambling to take place. This will help the country to avoid any violations in which they would have to pay. Their thought is if the gambling is introduced in a slow access method they may not have as many individuals trying to indulge in gambling. There is going to be a meeting in France next week to talk more about their plan for slow and gradual integration of the systems.

France and South Africa are just two of those being affected by the regulations from the European Union. They are going to have to find some type of regulation and licensing protocols to offer to their citizens rather than prohibit the action. The US is the only country at the moment that has made no move towards legislation of online gambling throughout the whole country. Right now there are specific states which allow for gambling to occur in an online capacity. Most of the states who are on board with the online gambling already have land casinos in part of the area. However, most of the US is still blocking the online gambling and legalization issues of the Union.
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The licensing needed is seen as a prevention for trade. There are going to be a lot of dollars spent on the enforcement of the legalization. Any country that doesn't follow suit soon will be paying out millions for the breach of contract. The online gambling industry feels that everyone should have a fair chance to partake of gambling.

France is just one of a long list converting to the methods so that trade can resume properly and of course saving themselves fines. International trade it seems will even stretch into the fairness of letting gambling move through each country at will. With these and more changes it will be interesting to see what happens.

 on: February 03, 2021, 12:25:17 PM 
Started by ueufdqnx7167 - Last post by ueufdqnx7167
The European Union has been moving from country to country in Europe regarding gambling laws. In Sweden privatization of many of the online gambling places will have to happen if they want to keep their customers. Apparently the European Court of Justice is threatening to take some of the lesser online gambling places under court proceedings. Many of the less addictive state run gambling places online need to be placed under EU laws. The EU has just changed several of the online gambling laws for cross border services. The US was the first to stop cross border services such as sports betting. Now it seems with the recent news in May that more and more online gambling sites will be further restricted.

Some of the games that will be under this new law or they will have to close are the state run lotteries, sports betting, and poker. Many of the online gambling places don't want to be regulated because that means they lose business. In fact Svenska Spel is one of the online gambling places that have been affected by the new laws. The modernizations required as well as the competitive atmosphere have crippled business.

There are other online gambling places that have decided not to wait regarding the new laws. Instead of waiting for Sweden to either back them up or make a decision in their favour they are beginning to change to the EU laws.

Betsson has taken things a little further in their search for getting around some of the new laws. They are opening a betting shop in Sweden with the private enterprise option that will be available to Svvenska Spel and ATG websites.

The entire point of the EU is to try and help the other businesses that want to open up, but also regulate them. By offering more shops in the community the monopoly Sweden currently has can be fought, and still the privatisation helps with the current cross border laws.

Sweden will have to comply with the EU, but that has yet to happen completely. Svenska Spel is expected to file a complaint this week regarding the issues. There are also law violations for the existing lottery that Sweden is currently disregarding.

Other states and European countries are going to have to start complying with the new laws. While no one wants a monopoly there are those that don't want gambling happening outside of their borders. For example we already know that in the US it is illegal in some states to bet on sports. If you try to go across the border from where you live or bet online you are still betting illegally. These laws and others will be put into effect for other parts of the world. As it stands right now many casinos allow several countries to use their sites. Privatisation may not fix everything, but at least it might get rid of the monopolies some online gambling places are experiencing or have experienced in the past. 우리카지노 계열 대한민국 최고의 카지노사이트
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 on: December 20, 2018, 07:31:13 PM 
Started by microdrones - Last post by Fiorillo
Is there a way to somehow automatically compensate for these small inaccuracies?

 on: May 11, 2018, 04:18:47 PM 
Started by Birdkiller - Last post by Grimms
Was this functionality ever added to Stelife Map? Seems like just what I need.

 on: February 24, 2018, 11:41:37 AM 
Started by Pierre95 - Last post by Haapala
Are there plans to keep everything compatible with Delphi in the future too?

 on: September 29, 2017, 07:50:04 PM 
Started by microdrones - Last post by OliverHam

Can you touch events support under win8.. Using XE3, can't get map dragging to work.

Thank you in advance!

I'm having the same issue. Has there been a solution for this at all?

 on: July 04, 2017, 01:24:06 PM 
Started by Pierre95 - Last post by Pierre95
Thanks a lot.

 on: June 05, 2017, 09:00:53 AM 
Started by Pierre95 - Last post by support
Component works in Delphi 10 and 10.1 (10.2)

 on: April 05, 2017, 01:22:43 PM 
Started by Pierre95 - Last post by Pierre95
Are your components work with Delphi 10 Seattle?


Best regards

 on: August 31, 2015, 08:37:10 PM 
Started by Владимир - Last post by Владимир
Можно ли доработать компонент - добавить, например событие - когда требуется очередной тайл, возвращать его компоненту TStelMap в потоке типа TStream.
Это нужно для того, что бы загружать тайлы не из интернета, не из файлов, а, например, из БД.
В событие будет передаваться, например номер тайла и требуемый масштаб.

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